Las Comunidades Unidas (The United Communities)

A locally run co-operative of six communities in the Southern department of Choluteca, Honduras. The group originally formed for the purpose of sustainable development in the area of agriculture and local economic viability and now administers several projects aimed at the development of educational opportunities in the region as well as improving access to health care.


The Honduran Health Alliance (HHA) provides much needed health education and screening to rural Hondurans who have limited access to health care services and information.  This is done through charlas given by medical students in each of the communities and through a week-long clinic focused on cervical cancer screening.   HHA ensures that the project continues to be community driven by collaborating with local health promoters throughout the process.  The promoters within the communities serve as the key connection between HHA and those we serve by voicing the needs of the communities and by recruiting and following up with women.   Additionally, in training local health educators, the Alliance helps to develop community capacity, and therefore empowers the community with sustainable means to improve its health status.




Asociación Hondureño de Planificación Familiar (ASHONPLAFA) is the Honduran affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. With clinics in urban areas and small outposts in more rural parts of the country, ASHONPLAFA is an important resource for Hondurans seeking family planning and reproductive health services as well as general medical care.


Ministerio de Salud (Honduran Ministry of Health)

The Honduran Ministry of Health is charged with providing health care services to all citizens.  In partnering with the Ministry, the Alliance helps to overcome some of the restraints of the current system secondary to funding, geography, and resources in order to ensure that rural Hondurans have access to services.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill is the first public university to be founded in the United States and continues to educate students for service in the state and around the world. The Schools of Medicine and Public Health are especially committed to training future leaders who are aware of our global health challenges.  The program provides an intensive, one-month Spanish language experience which is invaluable upon returning to the growing number of Latino patients in North Carolina.  Furthermore, students develop leadership and mentoring skills which better equip them for taking active roles in medicine and public health.