Submit Your Files to iTunes U

Submit your audio & video files to iTunes U.

Preparing Your Files

  1. Record and edit the audio or video content you want to create for iTunes and iPod. 
  2. Compress the files for distribution.  There are different ways to compress and decompress audio and video files called codecs.  Choose the file format that suits your needs, balancing audio/video quality with file size.  Apple recommends using AAC for audio and H.264 for video.  Some applications will compress the file if you export it for iPod.  Others, you can compress using iTunes.
    • To compress a file using iTunes, make sure the file you want to compress is in the iTunes Library.  To import the file into the iTunes Library, choose File > Import.  Find and select the audio or video file to compress in the iTunes Library.  To compress an audio file, choose Advanced > Convert Selection to AAC (requires iTunes importing preferences to be set to AAC).  To compress a video,select the file within your iTunes library and choose Advanced > Convert Selection for iPod.
  3. Once the file is compressed, add embedded metadata.  iTunes itself can be used to add metadata to files that accept metadata.  Metadata is descriptive information about the content (sometimes referred to as a tag).  This might include an image, detailed descriptions, author, and copyright information. 
  4. Distribute the content through iTunes U or by other means.
  5. Your audience can access the content through the Internet and download it to iTunes where they can sync the content to iPod or listen to it on their computers using iTunes.

Submitting Your Files

To submit your finished product to iTunes U for publication, send your file to the .