Poster: Anti-Tumor Activity of DLX1008

A Poster presented by Titus K. and supported by Delenex Therapeutics AG.

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The poster presents DLX1008, a proprietary antibody fragment by Delenex Therapeutics, shows anti-tumor activity in in-vivo preclinical model of Kaposi sarcoma. Showing advantages over other antibodies, it has been advanced to clinical trials in Kaposi sarcoma.

Presented at PEGS Summit,
May 3rd - 8th, 2015 in Boston MA.

14th International Conference on Malignanices in AIDS and other Acquired Immunodeficiencies


 Our lab is an active participant in NIH's program for AIDS related malignancies and we typically present at their annual conference in Bethesda. This conference showcases the latest in AIDS malignancy research from around the world.

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Waves of KSHV

Time resolved principal component analysis of EBV and KSHV gene expression upon reactivation in JSC-1 cells. Each dot represents either a KHSV or EBV mRNA. Not that even though both viruses are in the same cell, they respond with different kinetics to reactivation.

(Dittmer unpublished)

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Indian delegation tours UNC Lineberger

Tata Memorial Centre visits UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

A delegation from the Tata Memorial Centre cancer hospital in Mumbai, India visited the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center as part of a U.S. tour visiting comprehensive cancer centers. The visit, sponsored through the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Liaison for International Partnerships, was intended to share knowledge about how American universities and hospitals operate a comprehensive cancer center.

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Vironomics Core and New Movie

DittmerLab now runs a vironomics core, and check out our published movie (2010)!