Sample Submission

Project Consultation

Please note: Samples will only be accepted after consultation with a member of the Proteomics Core staff. Please schedule a meeting with us to discuss the details of your project.

For purified protein identification by MALDI-TOF/TOF or to get MALDI-TOF/TOF training, contact:

For other types of analysis and all other inquires, contact:

For consultation or questions, please contact:

How to Submit Samples

There are two ways to submit samples:

1. Use UNC's online sample submission website, Infoporte and directly submit request.

    • Login with your UNC account or select 'external customer'.  If you are an external customer, you can either pay by PO or credit card.
    • Find " UNC Michael Hooker Proteomics Center" at the bottom of the page.
    • Select services and check out.
    • Download the sample submission form, fill it out (you do not have to fill out the billing information portion if you are submitting directly through Infoporte), save it to your computer and send it to the Core staff or upload it on Infoporte.

2. The Core staff submits your request online.

    • Download the sample submission formfill it out, save it to your computer and send it to the Core staff or upload it on Infoporte.

Next, schedule a drop-off date or inform us of when you ship your samples.

Sample shipment

  • Ship samples frozen and packed on dry ice.
  • For gels, ship in a plastic bag with less than 1 ml storing solution (3% acetic acid), place between two pieces of cardboard.
  • Insert a copy of the sample submission form.
  • Samples should be shipped overnight via Fedex to the following address:

UNC Proteomics Core
Attn: Nely Dicheva/Laura Herring
101 Mason Farm Rd. CB # 7622
111 Glaxo Building
Chapel Hill, NC 27599