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Project Consultation

Upon initiating a new project with the MAP Core, researchers will be required to discuss their project with MAP Core staff. 

For proteomics projects, submit a Project Request Form.

Please note: Samples will only be accepted after your sample submission request is approved by MAP Core staff.

For all inquiries, to schedule a consultation, or for questions, please contact:

How to Submit Samples

All sample submissions must be submitted through iLab.

  • If you are new to iLab, please create an account by following this link and clicking on the ‘register’ button in the top righthand corner.
  • Once the project has been approved by a MAP Core Staff Member, submit your iLab request here.
    • Click the ‘request services’ tab and choose a service. You’ll then be directed to fill out billing information and a sample information form.
    • For UNC users, if you do not see your chartfield string listed in the drop-down, please email to get it added to your account.
    • For external users, you can either pay by PO or credit card.
    • Please numerically label the sample tubes as they appear on the iLab sample information form!!
  • Once you have submitted your iLab request, schedule a drop-off time with the MAP Core’s staff at the drop-off cart which is currently located inside the front of the Glaxo building.

Sample shipment

  • Ship samples frozen and packed on dry ice.
  • Insert a copy of your Project Request Form and include the iLab Project ID associated with your samples.
  • Samples should be shipped overnight via Fedex to the following address:

101 Mason Farm Rd. CB#7026
111 Glaxo Building
ATTN: Laura Herring
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599