Patient Referral

Patients are referred to the Kidney and the Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Program by calling 844-862-5436 (844-UNC-KIDN). Referral information should include patient demographics, insurance information, and a recent history and physical, which includes the cause of renal failure. Additional information should include the most recent hospital discharge summary; results of current chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, and laboratory values; and any consults obtained within the past 12 months.

All Initial Outside Referrals Must Provide the following information:

  • Recent clinical summary, including all current medications and treatment plans
  • Current nursing care plan
  • Recent labs
  • Social work evaluation (if available from your dialysis center)
  • Several recent dialysis flow charts
  • All demographic and insurance information
  • Blood transfusion records (if available)
  • Recent EKG, chest x-ray, renal sonogram, and renal biopsy, if available
  • Results of GYN exam with pap smear within past year for females 18 or above
  • Mammogram for females over 40

If you have had a substance abuse problem (alcohol or drugs), you should abstain immediately and seek professional counseling immediately. We, like most other transplant centers, require documentation of abstinence through weekly sessions with a certified substance abuse counselor for those who have had substance abuse issues.