Curriculum Committee 3/4

Information from WMS Officers involved with the 3rd and 4th year Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee for Medical School Years 3 & 4 (CC3/4) is a
governance structure that supports the third and forth year curriculums and
ensures that the needs of the third and forth year medical students and
faculty are being met. It is comprised of all directors of 3rd and 4th year
courses and administrators. The Senior VP's of Curriculum Affairs and the
WMS Co-presidents act as student representatives on this committee,
providing input and offering perspective on how to improve the clinical

CC 3/4 Chairs:
Julie Byerley, MD (Pediatrics)
Timothy Ferrell, MD (Surgery)
James Yankaskas, MD (Medicine)

Student Representatives

WMS Co-presidents: Ali Chhotani and Anshu Verma

Senior VP's of Curriculum Affairs: Rebecca Chasnovitz and Lydia Efird