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This section serves to provide information and support to former service members interested in the UNC M.D. program and Medic to PA program. If you have any questions about the MD program, please contact the Admissions Team at If you have questions about the Medic to PA program, please contact the Admissions Team at

About the Effort

The “US Veteran, M.D.” initiative is an effort by the UNC Military Medicine Interest Group and the School of Medicine Admissions Department to provide former service members with information about the application requirements, the admissions process, and the new TEC curriculum of the M.D. program at UNC. This effort also aims to support former service members of all branches of the military who are actively applying or plan to apply to the M.D. program.

We firmly believe that veterans have demonstrated a significant work ethic and dedication to service through their time in the armed forces, and encourage all interested former service members to consider a career in the field of medicine. This page provides information about Veteran recruitment at UNC, as well as provide former service members with the information they need for considering application to UNC.

Who Veterans Can Contact for Information about UNC SOM

Any veteran with questions about the new TEC curriculum, what medical school is like, or any other general questions are welcome to contact the Military Medicine Interest Group leadership at the contact information at the bottom of this page. Our group includes former service members, health professions scholarship program (HPSP) students, and students with no current military affiliation, and we are glad to provide insight from all of those varying perspectives. Group members are happy to discuss with veterans considering applying how to best get through the required science coursework, prepare for the MCAT, and be competitive to apply to medical school at UNC or elsewhere.

In addition to the Military Medicine Interest Group, there are several university-wide organizations dedicated to helping veterans navigate their undergraduate and/or graduate studies at UNC, including the Student Veteran Assistance Program, the Veteran Resources Team, and the Carolina Veterans Organization. Please visit the Carolina Veterans Resource Center for more information about all of the resources provided by UNC.

Information about the MED and Medic to PA Programs

The Medical Education Development (MED) Program has proved an important step towards a career in medicine or dentistry for former service members and other students with varying levels of training and experience in a diverse number of fields. The MED program is “an intensive educational experience and challenging opportunity to gain insight into the realities of attending medical or dental school”, and “is designed to increase opportunities in the health professions for individuals who demonstrate educational promise and commitment to a health career but who have lacked the opportunity in the past in moving toward their professional goals.”

Former service members are encouraged to seek additional information about the MED summer program and consider applying for admission on the Medical Education Development (MED) Program website.

The Veterans PA Program is an upcoming opportunity for Medics returning from deployment to earn their Physicians’ Assistant degree and prepare for a civilian career with the financial support of UNC and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

For information about the program at UNC, please visit the program website or the program Frequently Asked Questions” page. Or contact the program at:

UNC Physician Assistant Program
Department of Health Sciences
Bondurant Hall, CB #7121
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7121
Phone: (919) 962-8008