The Class Advocate Program is composed of 12 students per class, who are selected annually by their classmates to be advocates and serve as peer counselors based on their records of service, diversity, and good academic standing. Advocates serve for a one-year term and are assigned to one of 6 advisory colleges so that they can participate in Advisory College lunchtime sessions, coordinate social aspects of the colleges, hold informal support sessions, and invite confidential inquiries. Many second year Advocates participate in the planning and implementation of the Orientation for incoming first year students. Class Advocates receive guidance from College Advisors, veteran advocates, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, the Director of Counseling and Wellness Services, and the Office of Student Affairs staff so that they can help their peers resolve common academic, administrative and personal problems.

Your Advocates

Your 2020-21 College Advocates Cefalo Cross Dimock Simkins Smithies Williamson
Foundation Phase Ryan Lupo

Tori Tirendi

Aneesh Rahangdale

Anne Worth

Alexis Flen

Clark Williamson

Angela Clayborne

Tika Zbornik

Alex Sprouse

Mohsin Shah

Ben Barnett

Taylor Henderson

Application Phase Will Bennett

Trevor Parton

Demi Canoutas

Michael Henderson

Biola Brinson

Alia Capone

Paige Della-Penna

Sara Treat

Serene Ahmad

Josephine Lo Bello

Josh Ewy

Mary Wurzelmann

Individualization Phase Brainard Burrus

Ben Kaplan

Ben Bortner

Jenny Bui

Shannon Herndon

Marybeth Burriss

Conny Morrison

Josh Ellis

Andrew Alexander

William King

Lynley Farmer

Lee Hong