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The Advisory Colleges is an advising, career and professional development program which was established in 2008 at the UNC School of Medicine. The program was developed in order to create an organized and structured system of advising whereby students benefit from the ongoing support and wisdom of experienced faculty, educators and role models of professionalism at our institution. The goal of this program is to foster a relationship between each student and a faculty member where students receive guidance and counseling in order to be successful in their endeavor to create their own physician identity.

The Advisory College system provides a pool of diverse and well trained faculty to serve as advisors for medical students. It promotes relationships which are free from conflicts of interest which might preclude open and honest communication.

Advisors are specialty neutral in their advice regarding career choice in order to objectively assist students in their specialty choice. Advisors receive grade and evaluation information in order to assist students who may be having some academic difficulty in a timely fashion.