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Our mission is to connect students and classrooms with UNC scientists.

These scientists range from college students to professors running research labs. They are a diverse group of individuals who have taken different paths to become scientists and share a love of science. Our hope is that through these personal interactions we can make science accessible, engaging, and also have a meaningful impact on the importance of science.



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  • How Alcohol Changes the Adolescent Brain

    Although the elevator has been out-of-order for about one-week, Alex, 28, continues standing in front of it, pressing the button, and waiting for it to arrive. Then, after some time, he remembers that the elevator is not working and use the stairs. Why did this happen to Alex?

  • Como el Alcohol Cambia el Cerebro Adolescente

    Aunque el elevador ha estado fuera de servicio por cerca de una semana, Alex, un adulto de 28 años de edad, continúa ubicándose frente a el, presionando el botón y esperando por su llegada. Después de algún tiempo, Alex recuerda que el elevador no está funcionando y usa las escaleras. ¿Por qué le ocurre esto a Alex?