• Fetal Alcohol Disorder May Be More Common Than Previously Thought

    Fetal Alcohol Disorder may be more common than previously thought. 

  • New Publication from Robinson Lab

    Is nicotine a “gateway drug” that leads to abuse of other addictive drugs? The Robinson Lab tested whether nicotine exposure starting in adolescence promoted alcohol drinking in female rats, hypothesizing that the pharmacological effect of nicotine on the brain would … Continued

  • New Publication from Besheer Lab

    Through innovative research, the Besheer Lab has identified a novel brain circuit that regulates alcohol drinking. This lab studied the role of the frontal cortex, including the insular cortex, in alcohol use by monitoring rats’ ingestion of alcohol. They found … Continued

  • New Publication from Crews Lab

    What are the effects of alcoholism on the immune system? Drs. Crews, Zou and Coleman researched the responses of the neuroimmune system to alcohol.  They found that a pro-inflammatory protein complex – the HMGB1-IL 1b complex – is more common … Continued

  • Spring 2018 Seminar Series

    Monday, Jan. 8th Scott Parnell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “Alcohol, cannabinoids, and primary cilia: Interactions with the sonic hedgehog pathway during early development.” Koury Dental School G411 Monday, … Continued

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