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Pandey, Riley recognized by Research Society on Alcohol

March 24, 2023

Two scientists affiliated with the NADIA Consortium have been recognized by the Research Society on Alcohol. Subhash Pandey, Ph.D., received the 2023 RSA Distinguished Researcher Award. Dr. Pandey, an endowed professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, leads NADIA’s Epigenetic/Molecular Core as well as a research component titled Adolescent Alcohol, Epigenetic and Behavioral Changes … Read more

Alzheimer’s Drug Reverses Brain Damage From Adolescent Alcohol Exposure in Rats

August 20, 2019

A drug used to slow cognitive decline in adults with Alzheimer’s disease appears to reverse brain inflammation and neuron damage in rats exposed to alcohol during adolescence., according to a recently published article by Scott Swartzwelder, professor of psychiatry at Duke and a member of the NADIA Consortium. Read more: