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Eligibility for CFAR Membership

To be eligible to become a full member of the CFAR there are two requirements:

  1. You must have an interest in HIV/AIDS-related research (very broadly defined).
  2. Your professional position at one of our three collaboration institutions (UNC-CH, FHI, RTI) is such that you are allowed to be a principal investigator on an externally funded research effort.

People who do not fulfill the second criterion can become associate members and will be notified of all CFAR-related events and encouraged to participate.

The process of becoming a member is simple: Please fill out the Membership Application.

Types of Members

To reflect the mission of the Centers for AIDS Research, the UNC CFAR has two types of members – full member and associate member.

Full Member:

  • UNC Chapel Hill faculty, who have a demonstrated record of HIV/AIDS research including HIV/AIDS-relevant publications and research funding, are eligible to be full CFAR members.
  • UNC Chapel Hill faculty who are interested in exploring, or expanding their research to include HIV/AIDS, and have the professional capacity to receive independent funding are eligible to be full CFAR members.
  • Faculty-level individuals from our consortium partners, FHI 360 and Research Triangle Institute (RTI) who have obtained independent research funding, are also eligible to be full CFAR members.

Associate Member:

Faculty and staff, including clinicians and health-care professionals, who have an interest and involvement in basic research, clinical research, prevention and control, education or dissemination but do not have specific HIV/AIDS-related research projects or do not have the peer-reviewed funding necessary to be a full member in the CFAR, can become associate members.

Associate members may come from the University, organizations in the Research Triangle and any place where UNC CFAR has collaborations.

Publications are strongly encouraged but not required.

How to Apply

Please fill out the Membership Application.

You will be contacted if there are questions or problems concerning your application form.