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Bultman, Scott

Contact Information

4345 MBRB – CB#7264
UNC Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill NC 27599-7264
(F) 919-843-4682

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Associate Professor
Department of Genetics
School of Medicine
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research Summary

Scott Bultman utilizes mouse models of human disease to study the role of gut microbiota and their metabolites in colorectal cancer. He has used gnotobiotic mouse models to investigate the bacterial fermentation of dietary fiber into butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that has potent energetic and epigenetic properties and functions as a tumor-suppressive metabolite. This work has led to papers in high-impact journals such as Cell Metabolism, Molecular Cell, and Cancer Discovery. In collaboration with CGIBD members Scott Magness and Nancy Allbritton he is working to develop intestinal organoids that more accurately model the anatomical and physiological characteristics of in vivo crypts. Another project, in collaboration with Matthew Redinbo,  is evaluating the efficacy and mechanism of bacterial β-glucuronidase inhibitors that prevent the reactivation of irinotecan in the GI tract to attenuate GI toxicity and improve cancer therapy.

Relevance of Research to CGIBD Mission:  Scott Bultman uses gnotobiotic models to investigate the role of dietary fiber and colorectal cancer. He is also using intestinal organoids that more accurately model intestinal crypts. .

CGIBD Focus Area(s):         Microbiome; Regenerative Medicine/Repair

Collaborators:                      Allbritton, Bhatt, Magness, Redinbo