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Member Collaboration 2019
Collaborations between members. The size of the node indicates number of links. The width of connecting lines represents the number of joint publications. Members cluster by major research themes as shown by dotted circles: Microbiome (red), clinical/translational (blue), regenerative medicine/repair (green)

Center Member [Member (M) or Associate A)]DepartmentBrief Research DescriptionCollaboratorsCollaborative Publications
Allbritton, Nancy (M)Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical engineering; organ-on-a-chip technologies; micro-fabricated platformsAzcarate, Bhatt, Bultman, Galanko, Gracz. Furey, Magness, Sheikh, Sylvester, Rawls, Redinbo, Ting, Yeh.16
Arthur, Janelle, (M)Microbiology and ImmunologyHost microbe interactionCarroll, Fodor, Sartor3
Azcarate-Peril, M. Andrea (M)Medicine (GI)Microbiology; Pre- and probioticsAllbritton, Carroll, Keku, Gulati, Fodor, Keku, Magness, Rawls Yeh11
Barnes, Edward (A)Medicine (GI)IBD epidemiology and outcomesBarritt, Crockett, Dellon, Egberg, Galanko, Herfarth, Long, Kappelman, Peery, Sandler, Shaheen11
Barritt. A. Sidney (A)Medicine (GI)NAFLD; Liver disease outcomesBarnes, Crockett, Dellon, Eluri, Galanko, Hayashi, Peery, Sandler, Shaheen6
Bartelt, Luther (M)Medicine (ID)Microbe-microbe interaction; GiardiaSartor1
Bhatt, Aadra, (A)Medicine (GI)Host-microbe interactions in drug metabolismAllbritton, Bultman, Magness, Redinbo, ,6
Blikslager, Anthony (M)Equine MedicineMucosal-epithelial repair in ischemia/reperfusion injury; large animal modelsGarman, Gonzalez, Magness, Odle11
Bohorquez, Diego, (M)Medicine (GI) DukeEnteroendocrine cells gut-brain interaction0
Bultman, Scott, (M)GeneticsGut microbiota and their metabolitesAllbritton, Bhatt, Magness, Redinbo2
Carroll, Ian (M)NutritionGut microbiota and gastrointestinal physiology, behavior and adiposityArthur, Azcarate, Fodor, Gulati, Hansen, Miao, Sartor, Rawls Tamayo17
Chen, Xiaoxin (M)Cancer ResearchEsophageal development, metabolism and diseaseShaheen1
Crockett, Seth (A)Medicine (GI)Serrated polyps; clinical epidemiology; guidelinesBarnes, Barritt, Dellon, Eluri, Galanko, Kappelman, Long, Peery, Sandler, Shaheen,12
David, Lawrence (M)Biomedical EngineeringEcology, genomics, human diet, fecal biomarkersRawls2
Dekaney, Chris (M)Molecular Biomedical SciencesIntestinal stem cell proliferation following damage0
Dellon, Evan (M)Medicine (GI)Eosinophilic esophagitis; clinical epidemiologyBarnes, Barritt, Crockett, Eluri, Galanko, Long, Kappelman, Peery, Sandler, Shaheen,55
Egberg, Matthew (A)Pediatrics (GI)Comparative effectiveness; IBDBarnes, Galanko, Kappelman, Gulati4
Eluri, Swathi (A)Medicine (GI)Barrett’s esophagus; eosinophilic esophagitis; epidemiologyBarritt, Crockett, Dellon, Galanko Kappelman, Keku, Long, Peery, Sandler Shaheen27
Evon, Donna (M)Medicine (GI)Patient reported outcomes in liver diseaseFried, Galanko6
Fodor, Anthony (M)Bioinformatics and GenomicsHuman microbiomeArthur, Azcarate Carroll, Gulati Hansen, Keku, Miao, Peery, Sandler, Sartor9
Fried, Michael (M)Medicine (GI)Viral hepatitis; patient reported outcomesEvon, Galanko, Lemon,8
Furey, Terrence (M)GeneticsGene regulatory processes; epigeneticsAllbritton, Hansen, Herfarth, Rawls, Sartor, Sheikh, Sylvester,4
Galanko, Joseph (M)Medicine (GI)BiostatisticsBarnes, Barritt, Crockett, Egberg, Dellon, Evon, Fried Hayashi, Herfarth, Kappelman, Keku Long, Peery, Sandler, Shaheen,21
* Garcia-Martinzez, J. Victor (M)Medicine (ID) and MicroInfluence of microbiota on HIV infection and gut-brain inflammatory interactions.Sartor, Sheikh1
* Garman, Katherine, (M)Medicine (GI) DukeEsophageal injury and repairBlikslager, Gonzalez2
Gonzalez, Liara (M)Equine SurgeryIntestinal injury and repair; large animal modelsBlikslager, Garman, Odle10
Gracz, Adam (M)GeneticsChromatin regulationAllbritton, Galanko, Magness,6
Gulati, Ajay (A)Pediatrics (GI)Host microbe interaction; IBDAzcarate, Carroll, Egberg, Fodor, Kappelman. :Long, Sandler7
Hansen, Jonathan (M)Medicine (GI)Host microbe interaction; IBDCarroll, Fodor, Furey, Herfarth, Long, Maio, Sartor, Sheikh8
Hayashi, Paul (Skip) (A)Medicine (GI)Drug induced liver disease; transplantBarritt ,Galanko,4
Herfarth, Hans (M) (M)Medicine (GI)IBD clinical trialsBarnes, Egberg, Furey, Galanko, Hansen, Kappelman, Long, Sandler, Sartor, Sheikh, Ting19
Kappelman, Michael (M)Pediatrics (GI)Comparative effectiveness research; IBDBarnes, Dellon, Crockett, Egberg, Eluri, Galanko, Gulati, Herfarth, Long, Sandler, Shaheen, , Sylvester41
Keku, Temitope (M)Medicine (GI)Translational studies of benign, premalignant and malignant GI diseaseAzcarate, Fodor, Galanko, Peery, Sandler, Yeh14
Lai, Samuel (M)PharmacoengineeringHost microbe interaction0
* Lanzas, Christina (M)Infectious DiseasesEpidemiology and ecology of enteric and resistant pathogensTheriot1
Lemon, Stanley (M)Medicine (ID)HepatitisFried, Ting2
Long, Millie (A)Medicine (GI)Comparative effectiveness and safety research; IBDBarnes, Crockett, Dellon, Eluri, Gulati Galanko, , Herfarth, Kappelman, Sandler43
Lu, Kun (M)Biomedical Engineering0
Magness, Scott (M)Biomedical EngineeringStem cell maintenance and differentiationAllbritton, Azcarate, Bhatt, Blikslager, Bultman, Carroll Gracz, Redinbo16
Miao, Edward (M)Microbiology and ImmunologyRole of innate immune system to distinguish pathogensCarroll, Fodor, Hansen, Sartor, Ting2
Odle, Jack (M)Nutritional biochemistryNutrition, growth and development; large animal modelsBlikslager, Gonzalez2
Peery, Anne (M)Medicine (GI)Diverticular disease; clinical epidemiologyBarnes, Barritt, Crockett, Dellon, Eluri Fodor, Galanko, Herfarth, Keku, Sandler, Shaheen16
Rawls, John (M)Molecular Genetics and MicrobiologyHost microbe interactionsAllbritton, Azcarate, Carroll, David, Furey, Magness, Sheikh,4
Redinbo, Matthew (M)ChemistryGut microbial enzymes and drug metabolismBhatt, Bultman, Magness4
Sandler, Robert (M)Medicine (GI)Digestive disease epidemiologyBarnes, Barritt, Crockett, Dellon, Long, Eluri, Fodor, Galanko, Gulati, Herfarth, Kappelman, Keku, , Peery, Shaheen,61
Sartor, Ryan (M)Medicine (GI)Microbes and intestinal inflammation; IBDArthur, Bartelt, Carroll, Fodor, Furey, Gulati, Hansen, Herfarth, Long, Maio, Sheikh, Tamayo, Ting, Tonkonogy,24
Shaheen, Nicholas (M)Medicine (GI)Barrett’s esophagus; clinical epidemiologyBarnes, Barritt. Crockett, Dellon, Eluri, Galanko Kappelman, Peery, Sandler47
Sheikh, Shehzad (M)Medicine (GI)Genetics and gene regulation in IBDAllbritton, Hansen, Herfarth, Furey, Long, Rawls, Sartor, Sylvester,8
Snider, Natasha (M)Cell Biology and PhysiologyHepatocyte injury0
Sylvester, Francisco (A)Pediatrics (GI)IBDAllbritton, Furey, Sheikh, Kappelman2
Tamayo, Rita, (M)Microbiology & ImmunologyIntracellular signaling in C difficile infectionCarroll, Sartor0
Theriot, Casey (M)Population Health & PathobiologyHost-microbe interaction; C difficileLanzas1
Ting, Jenny (M)GeneticsImmune sensors and receptors in infection, cancer and inflammationAllbritton, Herfarth, Lemon, Miao, Sartor5
Tonkonogy, Susan (M)Microbiology and ImmunologyIntestinal immune response in GI inflammationSartor2
Williams, Scott, (M)PathologyControl of self-renewing cells0
Yeh, Jen Jen, , (M)Surgery (Oncology)Pancreatic cancerAllbritton, Azcarate, Keku5