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Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry

Research Summary

Dr. Kennedy is a nutrition scientist, specializing in the field of immunometabolism. Her research program aims to delineate the molecular mechanisms driving metabolic diseases, specifically focused on the role of the innate and adaptive immune system. Her lab also focuses on the impact nutrients have on immune cell function. With funding from a K01 she investigated the role of hepatic CD8+ T cells in the development of metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD)., Her group demonstrated that hepatic CD8+ T cells are key players in obesity-associated metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis (MASH) and serve a minimal role in a lean model of MASH. They also found a positive correlation between CD8+ T cells and stellate cell activation in obese humans with MASH and cirrhosis. Her current research investigates neoantigens responsible for hepatic CD8+ T cell activation in obesity associated MASH and HCC in efforts to develop therapies targeting T cell regulation in metabolic diseases.

CGIBD Focus Area(s): Regeneration and Repair

Pilot and Feasibility Award 2020

Collaborators: Carroll