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Associate Professor in Infectious Disease, North Carolina State University

Research Summary

Casey Theriot is an Assistant Director of the CGIBD and directs the Gnotobiotic Animal Core at NCSU. Her long-term research goal is to understand how different members of the gut microbiota contribute to bile acid metabolism and how this affects ecological mechanisms governing relationships between microbes. Her current research focuses on how gut microbial derived secondary bile acids inhibit the C. difficile life cycle using in vitro and in vivo models. She is also working on manipulating the gut microbiota to rationally alter the composition of the bile acid pool in the gut, which has the potential to improve preventative and therapeutic approaches against many human diseases. The goal is to design targeted bacterial approaches to prevent and treat gastrointestinal diseases – improving clinical outcomes.

CGIBD Focus Area(s):  Microbiome

Pilot and Feasibility Award 2015 

Collaborators:  Gulati, Redinbo

Casey Theriot