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“A bench to bedside approach to necrotizing enterocolitis” with Misty Good, MD, MS – September 22, 2022

“The Advanced Analytics Core: An open access core that can help you with cutting edge technologies like single cell genomics and organoid technologies to increase the impact of your work” with Scott T. Magness, PhD – September 15, 2022

“Brush Border Regulation across diverse tissues via a common HNF4-dependent mechanism” with Michael Verzi, PhD – April 21, 2022

“Cellular and Genetic Contributions to Regeneration in Healthy and Diseased Livers” with Hao Zhu, MD – April 14, 2022

“The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Resident Microbes that Drive Primary Sclerosing Chol-angitis Related Liver Disease” with Muyiwa Awoniyi, MD, PhD – March 31, 2022

“Activin signaling in GI disease” with Barbara Jung, MD – March 24, 2022

“A sulfur-reducing feast: Endogenous, dietary and microbial genetic factors implicated in toxic H2S production and intestinal inflammation” with Gabriel Suárez, PhD – February 17, 2022

“Using Lactobacillus Bile Salt Hydrolases To Rationally Manipulate The Bile Acid Pool and Prevent C. Difficile Infection” with Matthew Foley, PhD – February 10, 2022

“Diet-microbe interactions in regulation of host metabolism and (patho)physiology” with Xiaoling Li, PhD – November 11, 2021

“The Hominin Microbiome and its Implications” with Rob Dunn, PhD – September 23, 2021

“Degradation of polysaccharides by human gut bacteria during health and disease” with Eric Martens, PhD – April 22, 2021