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Contact Information

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
605 Brinkhous-Bullitt Bldg.
(O) 919-966-2737

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Scott William’s Lab

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
School of Medicine
Dept. of Biology
College of Arts and Sciences
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research Summary

Scott Williams is a cell, developmental and cancer biologist with cross-disciplinary training across diverse mammalian epithelial systems, including the retina, cerebellum, epidermis and oral epithelia. The overarching goal of his lab is to discover the molecular mechanisms that control the balance between self-renewing and differentiative divisions during development, homeostasis, wound healing, and diseases such as cancer, using the skin and oral epithelia as model systems. His research program is innovative and cross-disciplinary, with a central theme of understanding how oriented cell divisions function in stratified epithelia, but with broad approaches that touch on developmental, stem cell, and cancer biology. His research on the oral mucosa is directly relevant to understanding diseases of the esophagus.

Relevance of Research to CGIBD Mission:  Dr. Williams is a cell and developmental biologist who studies mechanisms that control self-renewing cells. His research has broad relevance for diseases of the gut.

CGIBD Focus Area(s):  Regenerative Medicine/Repair
Pilot Feasibility Award 2016