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Chief, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Vice Chair of Quality and Safety, Department of Pediatrics Professor, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Joyner is a pediatric intensivist whose research specializes in simulation training and innovative forms of medical education. He focuses on developing novel simulation strategies utilizing current high-fidelity technology to explore its use in novel situations as well as exploring how to better implement this technology given time and resource constraints in healthcare. Simulation training uses real world conditions to present rare but high-stakes events in patient care, or combines high-fidelity technology with telecommunications to deliver instruction and pediatric expertise in remote locations. The ultimate goal is to improve the training and comfort of providers that have limited exposure to critically ill pediatric patients. Dr. Joyner also works with other providers to build partnerships and to further explore simulation training as a method of novel medical education. His future research goals are to continue to explore simulation training in remotely-run simulation exercises, as well as to explore the impact of simulation on patient outcomes.

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Benny Joyner, MD, MPH