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Career Opportunities with UNC Core Facilities

Open positions will be  posted here as ORT is notified of a position opening.  Core directors or managers should e-mail to have their position posted.  Positions will expire after 30 days, if you need a position re-listed please contact us again to request to re-list.  If your position fills prior to 30 days we appreciate prompt notification to keep this list current.


Open Positions

April 2023


Objective: The Research Specialist will be primarily responsible for the technical support in the Respiratory TRACTS Core affiliated with Marsico Lung Institute. Born from a collaboration between the Adams Schools of Dentistry and the School of Medicine, the focus of this core is on kickstarting translational research projects, aiding investigators in:
1) generating data using a wide range of unbiased and targeted approaches and state-of-the-art technologies
2) collection, processing, and storage of biological samples along with dedicated technical personnel for assay performance
3) study design, methodological planning and data analysis consulting.

The selected candidate will have the technical knowledge to be trained to perform the duties, the ability to follow instructions through standard operating procedures, adherence to safety standards, the ability to perform routine and repetitious tasks, and the ability to observe, monitor, collect, and record data. In addition to the primary responsibilities, the Research Specialist will contribute to the organization of the Respiratory TRACTS Core by helping keep accurate inventory, restocking laboratory supplies, and assisting with maintenance of lab equipment. This position will report to the Associate Director of the Respiratory TRACTS Core.

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Position Summary: The purpose of this position is to provide laboratory research support for the general operation of the BioSpecimen Processing (BSP) University-wide, College of American Pathologist (CAP) accredited core facility. An organized and detail-oriented individual who will need to perform molecular biology and general laboratory techniques to fulfill the requirements of this position. A major component of the work will be processing human biospecimen samples manually or on automated high-throughput pieces of equipment. Specifically, the position will involve extraction of DNA and RNA from biospecimens, quantitation and quality analysis of extracted specimens, aliquoting, and storage of biospecimens. Use of a computer-based specimen inventory and tracking system to detail receipt, processing, aliquoting, storage and distribution of all specimens will be required. All tasks must be performed successfully in a Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) laboratory environment following strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with adherence to tight deadlines.

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