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UNC Research Core Facilities are shared resources which offer a wide range of services to the research community, including cutting edge technologies, high end instrumentation, technical support, and education. Our facilities are committed to enhancing and expanding the collaborative capabilities of research at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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Search the Core Facility Database graphicThis searchable database lists all the cores in alphabetical order.
You can browse the entire list or use the search function to sort the entire listing either by broad categories, specific keywords, contact name, or equipment.

Core listings by Categories

These pages list our core facilities by general areas of focus: animal models, biochemistry, clinical and translational, genomics, imaging, and research support services. The pages include brief profiles of each core, giving an overview of each to assist the investigator identify the appropriate core to contact for their project. Cores by Categories


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Biochemistry cores
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    • Multi-channel framelet denoising of diffusion-weighted images.
      Related Articles Multi-channel framelet denoising of diffusion-weighted images. PLoS One. 2019;14(2):e0211621 Authors: Chen G, Zhang J, Zhang Y, Dong B, Shen D, Yap PT Abstract Diffusion MRI derives its contrast from MR signal attenuation induced by the movement of water molecules in microstructural environments. Associated with the signal attenuation is the reduction of signal-to-noise ratio […]