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Biospecimen Processing Facility

The Biospecimen Processing Facility provides investigators with a centralized, cost-effective UNC facility to process biospecimens from population, clinical, and other studies. Our facility’s main emphasis is DNA/RNA extraction, however we also provide blood product separation and other non-tumor specimen processing
The laboratory supports individual investigator initiated large-scale clinical research as well as epidemiologic studies designed to help unravel the underlying relationships between genetics, the environment, behavior, and disease.
The UNC BSP Facility is a centralized, quality controlled and quality assured facility for the processing of human biospecimens. In addition to laboratory services, the facility provides a scientific resource for investigators seeking advice on study design including specimen collection and storage methods. The BSP has received IRB approval for its own uses and maintains a HIPPA secure facility at all times. The BSP core staff can also act as a liaison to other UNC core facilities.

Tissue Procurement Core Facility (TPF)

Tissue Procurement Core Facility (TPF) supports and enhances cancer-related translational, clinical, population and basic science research by providing UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center members with a centralized, coordinated, quality-controlled, quality-assured facility for procurement, processing, storage, and distribution of normal and malignant human specimens. Included in these services is the processing of blood for serum, plasma, packed red blood cells, and buffy coats. Additional biospecimens collected and stored by the facility, especially in support of epidemiology studies, include fat biopsies, toenails, urine, and other body fluids as defined by the research study.

CFAR HIV/STD Laboratory

CFAR HIV/STD Laboratory Core offers services and collaborations to HIV researchers for their basic and clinical research projects. The Core provides a GCLP environment for specimen processing and testing.

The laboratory is equipped and experienced in the preparation and/or storage of tissues, cells or body fluids, the diagnosis and measurement of HIV and other STIs, and the assessment of soluble and/or cellular immune system components within each of these specimen types. Services include: Specimen processing and storage, provision of clinical specimens from HIV-positive and HIV-negative individuals, HIV diagnosis, HIV monitoring, HIV sequencing, STI diagnosis/screening, HLA typing, measurement of soluble biomarkers (ELISA, Luminex platform, ELISPOT), flow cytometry for phenotyping and functional analysis of immune cell populations, antibody analysis, and in vitro HIV assays for antiretroviral activity.

MLI Tissue Procurement and Cell Culture Core

The MLI Tissue Procurement and Cell Culture Core provides standardized cell cultures for CF research. The TPC serves as a central source of normal, CF and disease control cells, tissues and fluids for a wide array of uses.  The core currently offers seven different cell types and three different types of growth media