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Vector Production

BRAIN Initiative Viral Vector Core

The BRAIN Initiative Viral Vector provides vectors targeted for neuroscience applications supported by the UNC Neuroscience Center and the NIH BRAIN Initiative.

Lenti-shRNA and Lenti-cDNA Core Facility

The Lenti-shRNA and Lenti-cDNA Core Facility is premised on three libraries: a human cDNA library in lentiviral vector to over express human genes (under the control of a CMV promoter) and two Open Biosystems’ TRC1 shRNA libraries (to knockdown either mouse or human genes). The shRNA libraries are cataloged as single lentiviral-vector shRNA expression clones directed to ~16,000 human and mouse genes. Each gene is targeted by 4-5 different shRNAs driven by the U6 promoter. Furthermore, control vectors bearing scrambled shRNAs or shRNAs directed against GFP are available. Please note that the shRNAs’ knockdown efficiency has not been validated. The shRNA core provides lentiviral shRNA vectors in the form of glycerol bacterial stocks or vector particle preparations (~10mL). The shRNA core also provides consulting in designing and optimizing shRNA-encoding lentiviral vectors. Upon request, the core can also provide alternate platforms for shRNA delivery, employing a variety of promoters and other cis elements to improve shRNA expression.

UNC Vector Core

UNC Vector Core delivers the highest quality AAV vectors (research grade only) to academic, government, foundation, and biotech industry clients.