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Welcome to UNC

We are so excited to welcome you to the UNC Core Facility Community! We have a wonderful core ecosystem here, but recognize that the organizational structure of cores, university processes core directors must become responsible for, and amount of information available to new core directors can be overwhelming.  While we hope you find our website useful, ORT has also developed an orientation presentation and overview of our services.  Please e-mail Chris and Kara at to introduce yourself, add yourself to our mailing list, and request an orientation meeting.

New core directors come to UNC with great energy and fantastic ideas for invigorating their cores. ORT is invested in providing support to help you navigate the waters in bringing your visions to life.


Non-tenure track core directors also have the option of pursuing an HR track specific for core directors.  This HR track recognizes the unique demands on a core director’s time and has developed a specific  set of standards to recognize those contributions and encourage promotion and career development at UNC.  Check out this HR document for more information