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Anorexia nervosa sufferers to take part in world’s largest study

May 24, 2013

The Anorexia Nervosa Genetics Initiative (ANGI), the world’s largest genetic investigation into anorexia nervosa, starts today in Queensland. Thousands of anorexia nervosa sufferers from Australia, the US, Sweden and Denmark will be recruited to participate in this study. CPG co-Director Professor Cynthia Bulik is the lead investigator on the study.

Genetic architectures of psychiatric disorders: the emerging picture and its implications

July 10, 2012

In this 2012 Nature Reviews Genetics article, CPG Director Patrick Sullivan discusses the genetics of nine cardinal psychiatric disorders (namely, Alzheimer’s disease, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, alcohol dependence, anorexia nervosa, autism spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, nicotine dependence and schizophrenia).

Autism, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder may share common underlying factor

July 2, 2012

New research led by Patrick F. Sullivan, MD, FRANZCP, Director of the Center for Psychiatric Genomics at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, points to an increased risk of autism spectrum disorders among individuals whose parents or siblings have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.