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AlphaFold Modeling

Service Description: Explore the power of deep learning and state-of-the-art algorithms with our AlphaFold Modeling service. AlphaFold revolutionizes protein structure prediction, providing high-accuracy models that enhance your understanding of protein folding, interactions, and function.

Key Features:

  • Accurate prediction of protein structures
  • Insight into protein folding dynamics
  • Enhanced understanding of protein interactions


  • Facilitates drug discovery and design
  • Enables targeted protein engineering
  • Guides experimental design and validation

Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Service Description: Embark on a journey into the dynamic world of biomolecular systems with our Molecular Dynamics Simulations service. Utilize advanced simulation techniques to unravel the behavior of biological macromolecules over time, providing valuable insights into their structural dynamics and functional properties.

Key Features:

  • Simulation of molecular motions and interactions
  • Exploration of conformational changes
  • Analysis of protein dynamics and stability


  • Enhanced understanding of biomolecular behavior
  • Identification of key functional regions
  • Facilitates drug binding studies and optimization

Molecular Docking

Service Description: Unlock the potential of structure-based drug design through our Molecular Docking service. Explore the interactions between small molecules and target proteins, gaining valuable insights into binding affinities and identifying potential drug candidates.

Key Features:

  • Predict binding modes of small molecules
  • Estimate binding affinities
  • Identify potential drug candidates


  • Accelerates drug discovery pipelines
  • Facilitates rational drug design
  • Guides lead optimization efforts

Virtual Screening

Service Description: Optimize your compound libraries efficiently with our Virtual Screening service. Leverage computational techniques to identify promising lead compounds, prioritize candidates for experimental validation, and streamline your drug discovery process.

Key Features:

  • High-throughput screening of compound databases
  • Prioritization of lead compounds
  • Reduction of experimental costs


  • Accelerates drug discovery timelines
  • Cost-effective lead identification
  • Enhances hit-to-lead optimization

Macromolecular Interactions

Service Description: Gain insights into the complex world of macromolecular interactions with our specialized service. Explore the dynamics and specificity of interactions between biomolecules, unraveling crucial information about cellular processes and signaling pathways.

Key Features:

  • Study protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions
  • Analyze binding affinities and kinetics
  • Investigate functional implications of interactions


  • Illuminates cellular signaling mechanisms
  • Facilitates drug target identification
  • Guides rational drug design strategies

Sequence and Phylogenetic Analysis

Service Description: Uncover the evolutionary relationships and functional implications of biological sequences through our Sequence and Phylogenetic Analysis service. Leverage computational tools to analyze genetic information, identify conserved regions, and construct phylogenetic trees for a comprehensive understanding of molecular evolution.

Key Features:

  • Sequence alignment and homology analysis
  • Phylogenetic tree construction
  • Identification of conserved motifs and domains


  • Reveals evolutionary relationships among species
  • Guides functional annotation of genes
  • Aids in the design of experiments and mutagenesis studies

Workshops Offered

Two hour workshops are offered on a periodic basis covering the topics listed below.

ribbon diagram of a protein

  1. Protein Data Bank (PDB) and Beginning Pymol
  2. Intermediate Pymol and Beginning Movies
  3. Advanced Pymol and Intermediate Movies
  4. Advanced Pymol Movies
  5. Homology Modeling



Please contact the director to learn more about our services or to attend a workshop.