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UNC Research Core Facilities are shared resources which offer a wide range of services to the research community, including cutting edge technologies, high end instrumentation, technical support, and education. Our facilities are committed to enhancing and expanding the collaborative capabilities of research at UNC-Chapel Hill.

All cores are observing COVID-19 safety precautions, including physical distancing and use of personal protective equipment.  Please contact each core directly for their current status and updates to their operational procedures.

This searchable database lists all the cores in alphabetical order.
You can browse the entire list or use the search function to sort the entire listing either by broad categories, specific keywords, contact name, or equipment.
ORT oversees core services and administration, maintains the Core Facility Advocacy Committee, provides funding opportunities to cores, and more. Though ORT is situated within the UNC School of Medicine we are a resource for ALL UNC Chapel HiIl cores.

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  • RSS Recent Publications supported by UNC Core Facilities

    • Active Cortex Tractography August 8, 2022
      Most existing diffusion tractography algorithms are affected by gyral bias, causing the termination of streamlines at gyral crowns instead of sulcal banks. In this paper, we propose a tractography technique, called active cortex tractography (ACT), to overcome gyral bias by enabling fiber streamlines to curve naturally into the cortex. We show that the cortex can […]
      Ye Wu
    • Mapping developmental regionalization and patterns of cortical surface area from 29 post-menstrual weeks to 2 years of age August 8, 2022
      Surface area of the human cerebral cortex expands extremely dynamically and regionally heterogeneously from the third trimester of pregnancy to 2 y of age, reflecting the spatial heterogeneity of the underlying microstructural and functional development of the cerebral cortex. However, little is known about the developmental patterns and regionalization of cortical surface area during this […]
      Ying Huang
    • Rapid Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Slice-Interleaved Encoding August 2, 2022
      In this paper, we present a robust reconstruction scheme for diffusion MRI (dMRI) data acquired using slice-interleaved diffusion encoding (SIDE). When combined with SIDE undersampling and simultaneous multi-slice (SMS) imaging, our reconstruction strategy is capable of significantly reducing the amount of data that needs to be acquired, enabling high-speed diffusion imaging for pediatric, elderly, and […]
      Tiantian Xu



Thanks to the Zylka lab, Gupton lab, Histology Research Core Facility, Microscopy Services Lab, Pathology Services Core, and Neuroscience Microscopy Core for providing images for our use.