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Application Cycle 2022-2023

Information for Students Applying to Dermatology

Due to the complications of the pandemic, all interviews will be virtual.

Our interview dates will be the mornings of:

11/18/22, 12/2/22, and 12/16/22.

Supplemental ERAS application

This year, our residency program will participate in the new AAMC Supplemental ERAS Application, which will include token preference signaling. Completion of this supplemental application is required.

USMLE Step 2 scores are recommended.

We are requiring the supplemental ERAS application as we will be using the data to review applications holistically. This information will be combined with the data in the MyERAS application to better understand applicants’ path to medicine, prior experiences and activities, and what is meaningful to each applicant. Please be honest in your responses, as this will help us and you gauge whether our program can fully appreciate your contributions and prior experiences and support your goals and unique learning style.

Preference signaling

Preference signaling is an option for an applicant to signal interest in our program. Please do not signal our program if you are a UNC medical student or if you have completed a research/clinical trials experience with us. We are using signals in our initial application review but will not use them for ranking. Importantly, not sending a signal is not punitive; we will not know whether an applicant decided not to submit signals or not to submit a signal to our program specifically. We do not filter applications based on metrics or attributes, and strive to perform holistic review on all applications. However, given the sheer volume of applications, if you have a specific interest in our program, a signal will ensure your application receives an in-depth review by program leadership, and could differentiate your application from others with similar listed goals, experiences, and/or metrics.

Pre- and post-interview communication

Because we are participating in the new supplemental application and preference signaling, we will not consider other informal mechanisms of showing interest including emails from you or an advocate, letters of intent, or thank you notes. Please do not send this type of communication either pre- or post-interview. We will communicate with you via email regarding interview information and status of your application. We will not provide additional information about your position on our rank list or likelihood of matching with us.


All interviews will be virtual. We understand that applicants have strong and varying opinions about in-person and virtual interviews. While we want to give applicants the opportunity to get to know our program, residents, faculty, and city in person, we are cognizant of the financial costs of in-person interviews, the impact of travel on our environment, and the potential to lead to inequity and lack of sustainability in the process. Each interviewee will be assigned a ‘resident ambassador’ who will connect with you to relate their training and living experiences with our program before, during and after the interview process. We will host a virtual social event on the evening prior to your interview.


Residency Selection:

As has been the case for many decades, competition for dermatology training remains highly competitive. As a result, we are pleased that the dermatology residents at UNC continue to represent the very best medical school graduates.

The Department of Dermatology participates in ERAS to fill all of the training positions.

Details of this application process may be obtained either through the Dean’s Office of your medical school or via the following Internet site: For the current UNC housestaff policies, please visit our institution’s GME website at

It is critical that all applications to our program be filed via ERAS in a timely manner. It is the responsibility of each applicant to ensure that all components of the application, to include Dean’s letters and all other letters of recommendation, have been received by ERAS.

Letters of recommendation should be addressed to “Program Director” and must be submitted through ERAS.

Interviews are by invitation only, and only a limited number of applicants will be chosen for interview. This year’s interviews will be virtual and will take place on November 18, December 2, and December 16.

Additional inquiries may be directed to Cherie Norton, Dermatology Residency Program Coordinator at