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In 2010, Jeanine Simmons was preparing to give birth to her first child – a baby girl. She and her husband, Justin, came to the Family Medicine Center with the belief that we could provide them with something that other medical facilities could not. Options.

“I was terrified. I’m grateful to so many people for caring for me so well that day – the nurses, the residents, the doctors. But mostly, Dr. Cristy Page, my doctor at Family Medicine. If she hadn’t intervened, I don’t think it would have happened the way it did. Thanks to her, I got the birth story I wanted.” Jeanine Simmons

“I wanted to have choices, to work with a doctor to create a plan that was right for me and my delivery. And I got that,” said Jeanine. “It was wonderful.” Her second birth had complications with a breached baby, but her family doctor worked with the on-call team to advocate for Jeanine and provide as close as possible the birth experience she wanted.

Jeanine Simmons

“We intend to stay with Family Medicine for a long, long time,” said Jeanine. “It’s the foundation of our health care, now. If I have a health issue, I call my doctor at Family Medicine first and see what she suggests. It wouldn’t even cross my mind to call someone else because I know I can trust her advice and because she knows me, my family, and our healthcare values.”