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Chief, Aerospace Medicine 43 MDS, Pope AAF, USAF

I came into Preventive Medicine because I wanted to have a broader reach and ensure I could do good things for whole communities. Since my graduation I have served 11 years on active duty in the US Air Force. I started at the AF Medical Operations Agency, a headquarters organization for AF medicine, by developing policy and managing the health promotion program across 70 USAF installations around the world. I worked in trainee health at the 37th Training Wing, I was responsible for preventing illness and injury for 39 thousand new Airmen in basic training and over 30 thousand more in technical training every year. I was able to manage infectious disease exposures as well as monitoring for rare vaccine related complications and develop and implement programs to reduce heat casualties. I served the Defense Institute for Medical Operations as an instructor teaching preventive medicine, disaster management, readiness, patient movement and other courses around the world to our partner nation military and government workers. Now I am responsible to provide occupational and primary care for 2600 Airmen many of whom serve in high risk duties at Ft Bragg in North Carolina.