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In October 2008, Family Medicine physicians Adam Goldstein, MD, MPH, and Cristy Page, MD, MPH, began hosting a radio show that would benefit listeners across North Carolina and the country for years to come. Since its debut, nearly 500 episodes of YOUR HEALTH® have aired, sharing more than 1,500 research articles with the public, answering more than 1,500 listener “house call” questions, and reaching almost every country across the globe. YOUR HEALTH® received several awards for community service from the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill.

Your Health hosts“As the only independent radio platform of its kind in an academic health center in the United States, YOUR HEALTH®­—and the team behind the show—accumulated a tremendous number of accomplishments to celebrate,” said Goldstein, Professor of Family Medicine at the UNC School of Medicine.

Among those accomplishments is the show’s reputation for tackling the most important and difficult medical and ethical issues of our time, including climate change, gun violence, sexual violence, racism, child abuse, domestic violence, alcohol, opioids and more. YOUR HEALTH® served as a trusted source for listeners and, with UNC’s health science librarians, made the show a wealth of health information always accessible to the public. “Anyone can access any research, guest, or patient question that we answered anytime from anywhere, by going to” said Goldstein.

Every week, YOUR HEALTH® welcomed expert guests, ranging from Pulitzer Prize winners to Nobel Laureates, Deans and CEOs, and editors of major medical publications such as NEJM and JAMA. The show was integrated into the Family Medicine & Preventive Medicine curricula at UNC, with many residents participating as guest co-hosts.

“With hard work, dignity and trust, we cultivated a loyal and grateful following,” Goldstein said.

YOUR HEALTH®’s final episodes will air on January 11th and 18th on syndicated stations and will be available on-line shortly thereafter.  Anyone who would like to send a note to Adam, Cristy or any of the YOUR HEALTH® production team can send it to or post a message on the YOUR HEALTH® twitter or Facebook pages.

The YOUR HEALTH® production team would like to thank the scores of guest co-hosts and the hundreds of guests who have appeared on the show over the years as well as:

Cristy Page, Executive Dean, UNC School of Medicine, and Co-Host and Co-Founder of YOUR HEALTH®
Steve Hooper, Associate Dean and Chair, Department of Allied Health Sciences and regular Co-Host
Jamila Battle, UNC Adjunct Assistant Professor Family Medicine and regular Co-Host
Robert Gwyther, Professor Emeritus, UNC Family Medicine and regular Co-Host
Adam Zolotor former Editor of House Calls column
Executive Producers of YOUR HEALTH®: Julea Steiner, Daniel Lane, and Laura Lacy
Barbara Renner, Liaison Librarian, UNC Allied Health Sciences-Associate Producer of YOUR HEALTH® Website and Cataloguing Services
Lee Richardson, Information Discovery and Metadata Librarian, UNC Health Sciences Library
Ron Lingley, Vice-Chair for Administration, UNC Family Medicine
Brad Wilson, Director of Development UNC Family Medicine
Reid Johnson, Program Coordinator, UNC Family Medicine
Warren Newton, former Chair UNC Family Medicine
Karen McCall, Former Chief Communications and Marketing Officer for UNC Health Care
Jim Heavner, former owner of WCHL
Aubrey Williams, Current General Manager of 97.9 The Hill (WCHL) and Chapelboro
Aaron Johnson, Production Director, WCHL and Chapelboro
Victor Lewis, Digital Content Editor and Weekend Host, WCHL and Chapelboro
Nicki Morse, Program Director and Midday Host, WCHL and Chapelboro
Jan Bolick, former General Manager, WCHL
Dean Huibregtse of KKAG Radio in Idaho