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Information on Respiratory Testinggraphic of swab test

At this time, we are taking precautions to make sure the Family Medicine Center is safe for patients, staff and providers. Because of this, if it is determined you need a throat swab, flu test or COVID test we will arrange for you to get this at the Respiratory Diagnostic Center.

Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

Did you know that the UNC Family Medicine Center offers a preventive visit for Medicare patients? In this visit, you will meet with a member of your provider’s care team to review your medical history and provide education and counseling about preventive services, including a written plan letting you know which screenings, vaccines, and other preventive services you need. This visit will not address acute or chronic medical problems. We are offering these visits virtually (video or phone), so you can participate from the comfort of your own home! The Annual Wellness Visit is entirely covered by Medicare and is completely free. Contact our clinic at (984) 974-4244 to schedule yours.

Tar Heal Tuesday is December 1st!

Tar Heal Tuesday logoDecember 1st is the annual Tar Heal Tuesday giving campaign! Each year, in the spirit of Giving Tuesday, the UNC Health Foundation holds this event as an opportunity for various departments in the School of Medicine to host their own unique fundraisers. This year, UNC Family Medicine will be raising money for our Rural and Underserved Residency Program and the FIT (Formerly Incarcerated Transitions) Program.

We have a very special donor, Janett Greenberg, who has offered to sponsor a matching gift challenge! Ms. Greenberg will match up to $5,000 in Tar Heal Tuesday donations to Family Medicine!

To learn more about Tar Heal Tuesday and ways to support Family Medicine, you can visit the campaign’s website, which also houses the pages for our specific fundraisers.

COPD Awareness Month + A Success Story from Population Health

November is national COPD Awareness Month. COPD is a chronic condition that causes trouble breathing with symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. More than 16 million Americans have been diagnosed with COPD, and millions more may have the disease without realizing it.

Each month, the Family Medicine Center’s Population Health team focuses on chronic care outreach to patients. In October they worked to contact COPD patients in need of additional screening and care. As a result, they were able to assist many COPD patients by connecting them with resources for enhancing their care. Below is an example of this success from one of our social workers:

“I contacted a patient that was not previously enrolled in any enhanced programs at the FMC. They reported having worsening COPD symptoms, but felt unable to schedule an appointment with their provider due to financial concerns. They also shared that they used to have an inhaler, but stopped using it because they didn’t know how. During our phone call, we were able to get the patient connected with: resources for financial concerns, food insecurity, quitting tobacco, inhaler teaching, and a virtual visit with their doctor. The patient was very appreciative of the chance to address their health care needs during a time when they didn’t think it was possible.”

Thank you to our incredible Population Health team for the care and attention they provide to our patients’ needs!

PAC Member Helps Create Campaign to Encourage Mask-Wearing

We are very proud of our own Charlie Lehmann, a member of the Patient Advisory Council, for his work in creating this PSA campaign called “You Can Help Me.” Charlie partnered with Don Stedman and Lauren Rivers from the Rivers Agency to create a series of videos featuring people in the community, from students to sports fans to health care workers, asking others to please wear a mask so we can all get back to the things we enjoy safely. View the videos and learn more on the website:

youtube screenshot of young man talking
Celebrating the Holidays During COVID-19

It is no surprise that the holidays will look a lot different than usual for many of us this year. Although the thought of not gathering with family and friends is difficult, it’s important to keep ourselves, each other, and our communities healthy as cases of COVID-19 continue to spike.

While you work on a plan to celebrate safely with your family this year, consider these key points:

Avoid gathering with people outside your immediate family. If you must travel, drive if possible.
Keep gatherings outdoors whenever possible.
Maintain 6-10 feet of distance and wear masks whenever you are close to others.
Do not gather with others if someone in your household is high risk.

Here is a helpful article from UNC Health Talk with more tips on celebrating safely, including some alternative ideas!

Let’s Talk Health with Dr. Neutze: Managing A1C

This month, we are discussing diabetes and the importance of checking your A1C. Your A1C level lets your doctor know how well controlled your diabetes is. This test gives an average of your sugars over the last three months. If you have diabetes you probably remember checking this regularly during your visits.

Managing blood sugar graphicAs we enter the holiday season, it’s important to remember how holiday meals and treats can affect your blood sugar. The holidays can be full of very carb-heavy meals, so it is critical to maintain a balance. Make sure to eat something nutritious if you’re thinking about indulging in a treat or two. Smaller portions can also help manage your blood sugars. You can find healthier alternatives to common holiday sweets and snacks, such as the diabetes-friendly recipes on this website.

You can get your A1C checked quickly with a simple lab visit and follow up with your provider by video or phone at a later time. UNC Family Medicine Center is using CDC recommended cleaning and physically distancing to keep everyone safe. You can see if you need your A1C checked on MyUNCChart or call us at (984) 974-0210.