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UNC Health’s Patient Relations has announced the winners of 2020’s Carolina Care Excellence Awards.

Patients were asked if they would recommend UNC Health providers and their offices to friends and family, and 173 UNC Faculty Physician providers received the highest possible rating, placing them in the top quartile nationally. In recognition of their caring excellence, these providers have been awarded the 2020 UNC Hospitals and Faculty Physicians Award for Carolina Care Excellence.

Recipients from Family Medicine are:

Katrina Donahue, MD, MPH
Jennifer Martini, MD
Mallory McClester Brown, MD
Justin Lee, MD
Margaret Helton, MD
Debbie Phipps, MD
Anne Mounsey, MD
Yee Lam, MD, PhD
Brian Rayala, MD
Erik Butler, DO
Samuel Weir, MD
Kathleen Barnhouse, MD
Adam Goldstein, MD, MPH
Karen Halpert, MD
Gregg Warshaw, MD