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Congratulations to former fellowship director and current faculty instructor Steve Bogdewic, PhD, who began serving as Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development (FALD) in the UNC School of Medicine on Jan. 1, 2022!

Bogdewic has served FALD since July 2019 as an executive coach, and he brings extensive experience from his time as Executive Vice Dean at Indiana University School of Medicine to this position. In the Senior Associate Dean role, he will work closely with Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Jennifer Wu, MD, MPH, on building a vision for FALD’s future.

From Dr. Bogdewic:
“This new position will entail my working with Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Jennifer Wu, to build a vision for the future of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development. This is happening at a pivotally important time in healthcare and academic medicine. Our faculty, as well as all healthcare providers, have faced unimaginable challenges as they combat a pandemic that has persisted for over two years. Stress, burnout, and fatigue are at their highest levels. I will be working with like-minded colleagues to do what we can to develop mechanisms to support and strengthen our colleagues. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to serve at this unique point in time.”