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Post-Doc Research Associate

My research addresses the social determinants of health, including ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in tobacco use and other health outcomes. I conducted research in Israel investigating the effects of multiple forms of ethnic discrimination on smoking outcomes among Arab men. Additionally, I conducted research examining ethnic disparities in functional limitations among middle-aged and older Israeli adults and the role that socioeconomic status and health behaviors including smoking play in explaining these disparities. Prior to my fellowship at UNC, I conducted research evaluating the effectiveness of cigarette pack health warning labels (HWL) in a number of countries with different HWL policy characteristics including Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the United states. As part of my commitment to reducing ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in health my current research focuses on understanding patterns of tobacco use as well as tobacco product marketing and advertising influences on vulnerable populations such as youth, ethnic minorities, and socioeconomically disadvantaged groups.

  • Tobacco Prevention and Evaluation Program