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Resident Physician


Hi! My name is Brian and I am a North Carolinian born and raised. I grew up in Charlotte before heading to East Carolina University for my undergraduate degree. I completed medical school right here at UNC Chapel Hill and am very happy to be staying here for my residency training.

Throughout my career I have established a passion for full spectrum care including community engagement and patient advocacy. I believe that my job is to not only care for patients in the clinic and hospital but to make sure state officials are aware of the struggles our patients face so that change can be made. Additionally, I am passionate about sports medicine. I want to be able to have an extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system so that I can best serve my patients who experience pain related illnesses.

I plan to stay in North Carolina after residency to continue serving my community. In my free time I enjoy watching movies with my wife, exploring the outdoors in the Triangle area, cooking, and playing ultimate frisbee. I look forward to seeing you in clinic!

  • Department of Family Medicine