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Assistant Professor

Biographical Information

Dr. Jake Perrin arrived here in North Carolina via a somewhat circuitous route.  Born in Seattle (Go Mariners!), he moved to California when he was young and spent his more formative years in Los Angeles.  He majored in philosophy at a small liberal arts school and decided that, before starting medical school, he would seek a degree in Bioethics. There weren’t a ton of programs at the time, and his favorite was at Wake Forest University, so he and his partner packed up and moved to North Carolina just two weeks after getting married!

While at Wake, he wrote his thesis on healthcare policy and undocumented immigrants in NC.  He fell in love with the state and wanted to attend medical school at a place where he could learn how to provide excellent care for underserved populations.  Although he and his partner always expected to move back to California, UNC turned out to be the perfect institution to cultivate these interests.

As you have probably deduced, it is unclear if he will ever make it back to California.  While at UNC, he has fostered a passion for caring for Spanish-speaking patients, women’s health, and point-of-care ultrasound.  He has been continually inspired by this department’s passion for the underserved of NC and dedication to pursuing equitable policy solutions both locally and nationally.  He hopes to call this his professional home for the foreseeable future!

In his spare time, his number one priority is spending time with his exceptionally lovely partner, Rachael, and their endearingly neurotic dog, Watson.  They enjoy running the beautiful NC trails, traveling, reading, watching movies, and drinking delicious beverages (A well-crafted Negroni is his favorite!).

Areas of Interest

Women’s Health

Inpatient obstetrics

Care for Spanish-speaking and immigrant populations

Point-of-care Ultrasound