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Clinical Dietitian


I decided to start a career in nutrition and dietetics to work in partnership with interdisciplinary teams that aim to develop therapeutic interventions for chronic conditions. I enjoy developing nutrition care plans and teaching people about the importance of diet and nourishment in relation to chronic disease management. The areas of medical nutrition therapy I am most interested in are diabetes, overweight/obesity, cardiovascular disease, renal nutrition, reproduction, and gastrointestinal disease. Outside of work, I like to create new recipes that utilize fruits and vegetables and aim to produce great flavor with quality nutrition in every bite. I exercise often and enjoy hiking, strength training and dancing. I love expressing my creativity through interior décor and do-it-yourself projects. I always encourage people to increase their knowledge of nutrition and learn ways on how to practice their acquired knowledge. Sustaining healthy dietary behavior modification is vital in achieving any healthcare related goal. During my nutrition consultations, I provide educational materials that reinforce messages about healthy eating, teach skills essential for making dietary change, and provide information on how to sustain behavior change.

Areas of Interest

Diabetes, weight management, cardiovascular disease, renal nutrition, gastrointestinal disease and reproduction nutrition.

  • Department of Family Medicine

  • Phone Number

    984-974-0210 (Appointments)

  • Address

    590 Manning Drive

    CB #7595

    Chapel Hill, NC 27510