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Assistant Professor

Biographical Information

Noa is a new member of the UNC Family Medicine Center at South Durham, and a new member of the Chatham Hospital inpatient team. They went to medical school at UNC Chapel Hill and completed their residency in the Montefiore Department of Family & Social Medicine in the North Bronx. In residency, they were a part of the HIV Track and trained to competency in abortion care. Noa is a queer, agender person who is excited to work within their beloved community in North Carolina. When they are not practicing medicine they are usually participating in community organizing, loving on their friends and family, or hanging out with their cat Cucumber.

Areas of Interest

Noa’s clinical interests and expertise are in HIV medicine, gender-affirming care, abortion care, inpatient medicine, substance use treatment, and prenatal care. Their scholarly work has largely revolved around prison abolition and medical education – namely, teaching medical trainees how to write medical advocacy letters for incarcerated people, and planting seeds to promote envisioning another approach to harm and accountability outside the prison system. Other interests include disrupting fatphobia in medicine, disability justice, and language justice.