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Resident Physician

Hey ya’ll, I’m so glad that you are here at the UNC Family Medicine website! My name is Palee and I am from Brushy Pond, Alabama. It is a beautiful small town without stop lights or sidewalks, but it is full of amazing people. I left small town Alabama for the larger town of Tuscaloosa to attend The University of Alabama for undergrad where I ran track and cross country for the Crimson Tide. I majored in Biology and dual minored in Business and watching our football team win national championships. From there I moved straight to Birmingham to attend the University of Alabama School of Medicine.

I entered medical school with a pretty good idea that I wanted to do Family Medicine because from the moment I moved away from rural Alabama, I knew that I eventually wanted to move back to a rural area. Family Medicine training would allow me to serve the most needs of a small community and provide access to care in areas who have never had that before. When it came time to choose a residency, I sought out programs which I felt could prepare me the best to accomplish my goals of practicing full scope Family Medicine. As soon as I left my interview at UNC, I knew that this program was the best fit for me. Not only is the quality of training paramount, but the program is innovative in all areas from resident wellness to patient care. This is my first time moving away from Alabama, but I am beyond excited to be here in Chapel Hill surround by such supportive faculty who are passionate about teaching and to be training with the BEST intern class one could ask for.

When I’m not at clinic or the hospital, you can usually find me running or biking around the area. I also enjoy cooking, watching college football and hanging out with my co-residents (which usually involves eating really good food.) I’m currently section hiking the Appalachian Trail so I will occasionally slip off to the mountains to go backpacking on my free weekends. However, my favorite pass time is face timing my family back home in Alabama. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or if I can help out in any way!


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