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Resident Physician

Hi everyone! My name is Rana (pronounced “Renna”), and I was born and raised in Oxford, NC and went to high school in the Lake Norman area near Charlotte. Continuing in the footsteps of my older siblings, I attended undergrad at UNC-Chapel Hill, where I pursued a B.A. in Biology and Arabic. After college, I worked with an anesthesiologist for two years at an oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic and then transitioned to clinical research in diabetes for one year before starting medical school.

Having spent all of my life in North Carolina, I packed up my things and moved up to Connecticut to be eternally cold and shovel snow forever and also to attend medical school at the Frank H. Netter School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University, a brand-new program with a primary care focus where I was a part of the second graduating class! In medical school, I discovered a passion for patient education and advocacy, preventive medicine, and fostering long-lasting relationships with patients. After also discovering that I loved every single rotation in my third year (and believing I was going to be an internist and then a surgeon and then a pediatrician and then…), I realized that full-scope family medicine was my true calling. In my fourth year of med school, I completed a visiting acting internship at UNC Family Medicine, and I absolutely fell in love with this place. I already knew that it was a program with a focus on broad-scope family medicine, but once I started my rotation, I was astounded by the faculty and residents, who were incredibly dedicated to their patients, passionate and caring physicians, and wonderfully supportive of each other. I am so inspired every day and so excited to have joined the UNC family!

My interests in medicine include obstetrics and women’s health, academic medicine, and refugee health. Outside of medicine, I enjoy spending time with friends and family (including my husband and our very fluffy, somewhat dimwitted cat), eating food because there is SO much delicious food to eat around here, getting hooked on TV shows, yoga, and hiking.

  • Department of Family Medicine