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Resident Physician


Hi Everyone, I’m Samantha! A native of New Jersey, I was raised alongside my three older siblings where rooted in our Latinx & Middle-Eastern parents’ cultures, our home was filled with love and endless access to delicious food. I attended Rutgers University for my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences and minored in Gender & Sexuality Studies. Shortly after, I attended Robert Wood Johnson Medical School where I obtained my medical degree and met my now husband Joel. During my time in New Jersey, I had the opportunity to conduct research investigating perception of maternal marijuana use, study the impact of incarceration on a person’s ability to obtain equitable healthcare, and engage in various literary projects that helped fulfill the joys of the artistic & reflective side of medicine. 

What ultimately drew me from NJ to my new home here in NC was the kind, genuine, and patient-centered actions of UNC faculty. During my interview day, I recall a faculty member mentioning how a patient had followed them to a new practice just because they’d missed their smile. This faculty member reflected how honored they were to be trusted to continue their care and how much it had meant to their career as a physician. For context, I had pursued Family Medicine with the intent to truly be an accessible, trustworthy & reliable member of my community – and here folks were, fulfilling that exact role for their patients! This occurs at UNC through integrated behavioral health in clinic, dedicated sessions on how to better care for our Latinx population, and a general atmosphere of learning that welcomes inclusivity and challenges the systemic factors that have led to barriers in healthcare for marginalized populations. This program facilitates the growth of full-spectrum physicians who hold themselves accountable in advocating for their patient’s needs, so much so that the way they practice medicine is sought out by patients far and wide. After seeing the kind of character and integrity faculty had in taking care of their patients, I knew UNC was where I wanted to train and start my career in Family Medicine. 

Outside of medicine, I enjoy spending time with my husband and beloved pups Hulk and Loki, as well exploring nearby gardens/nature sites, running indoors & outdoors, reading, painting, and enjoying new delicious foods. 

Interests in Medicine: Reproductive health, Harm Reduction & Medication-assisted Treatment, Lifestyle medicine, and Maternity care. 

  • Department of Family Medicine