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Assistant Professor

Biographical Information

Dr. Sapna Varkey was trained in quantitative and qualitative research methods and she has extensive experience with program evaluation. She earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she double majored in political science and public policy with a concentration in social justice. She completed her Master of Public Administration at East Carolina University and her Ph.D. in Public Administration at NC State University. She is the Director of Research & Evaluation in the UNC School of Medicine Office of Inclusive Excellence and Community Engagement.

Areas of Interest

Dr. Varkey’s research focuses on understanding how organizations affect individuals’ lives, particularly those from communities facing systemic barriers (e.g., racism, chronic health needs, poverty, etc.). Specifically, she looks at the institutional pressures and organizational structures and practices in public and nonprofit organizations to understand how these influence outcomes, such as patient satisfaction with culturally responsive care. This can include understanding how organizational practices, such as transparency and inclusion, can influence outcomes. Her scholarly research and applied work have explored service delivery, governance, and capacity building in healthcare organizations; education systems; and political campaign contribution systems.

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