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Al-Shaer AE, Regan J, Buddenbaum N, Tharwani S, Drawdy C, Behee M, Sergin S, Fenton JI, Maddipati KR, Kane SButler E, Shaikh SR.


Background: Specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs), synthesized from PUFAs, resolve inflammation and return damaged tissue to homeostasis. Thus, increasing metabolites of the SPM biosynthetic pathway may have potential health benefits for select clinical populations, such as subjects with obesity who display dysregulation of SPM metabolism. However, the concentrations of SPMs and their metabolic intermediates in humans with obesity remains unclear. Objectives: The primary objective of this study was to determine if a marine oil supplement increased specific metabolites of the SPM biosynthetic pathway in adults with obesity. The second objective was to determine if the supplement changed the relative abundance of key immune cell populations. Finally, given the critical role of antibodies in inflammation, we determined if ex vivo CD19 + B-cell antibody production was modified by marine oil intervention. Methods: Twenty-three subjects [median age: 56 y; BMI (in kg/m2): 33.1] consumed 2 g/d of a marine oil supplement for 28-30 d. The supplement was particularly enriched with 18-hydroxyeicosapentaenoic (HEPE), 14-hydroxydocosahexaenoic acid (14-HDHA), and 17-HDHA. Blood was collected pre- and postsupplementation for plasma mass spectrometry oxylipin and fatty acid analyses, flow cytometry, and B-cell isolation. Paired t-tests and Wilcoxon tests were used for statistical analyses. Results: Relative to preintervention, the supplement increased 6 different HEPEs and HDHAs accompanied by changes in plasma PUFAs. Resolvin E1 and docosapentaenoic acid-derived maresin 1 concentrations were increased 3.5- and 4.7-fold upon intervention, respectively. The supplement did not increase the concentration of D-series resolvins and had no effect on the abundance of immune cells. Ex vivo B-cell IgG but not IgM concentrations were lowered postsupplementation. Conclusions: A marine oil supplement increased select SPMs and their metabolic intermediates in adults with obesity. Additional studies are needed to determine if increased concentrations of specific SPMs control the resolution of inflammation in humans with obesity. This trial was registered at as NCT04701138.


Al-Shaer AE, Regan J, Buddenbaum N, Tharwani S, Drawdy C, Behee M, Sergin S, Fenton JI, Maddipati KR, Kane S, Butler E, Shaikh SR. Enriched Marine Oil Supplement Increases Specific Plasma Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators in Adults with Obesity. J Nutr. 2022 Jul 6;152(7):1783-1791. doi: 10.1093/jn/nxac075. PMID: 35349683; PMCID: PMC9258560.

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