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This year UNC Family Medicine welcomed Bodenheimer, nationally-renowned expert in primary care and provider wellness. Watch the video here.

The Huntley Lecture’s mission is to raise awareness of research and innovation in family medicine and primary care in the US. The lecture serves as an educational resource for physicians, researchers, residents, fellows, students, patients, and community members interested in improving health care.

Working with others across the U.S., the UNC Department of Family Medicine’s mission is to help transform the nation’s health care system to be more patient-centered, efficient and effective with dramatically improved quality and lower costs for all. This work has resulted in recognition as a national leader in innovative primary care, research, medical education and community service.

This year’s Huntley lecture hosted Thomas Bodenheimer, MD, MPH. He is a general internist who received his medical degree at Harvard and completed his residency at UCSF. He spent 32 years in full-time primary care practice in San Francisco’s Mission District – 10 years in community health centers and 22 years in private practice. He is currently Professor Emeritus of Family and Community Medicine at UCSF and Founding Director of the Center for Excellence in Primary Care. He is co-author of Understanding Health Policy, 7th Edition and Improving Primary Care. He has written numerous health policy articles in the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, Annals of Family Medicine, and Health Affairs. Notably, he is co-author of the seminal article, “From Triple to Quadruple Aim: Care of the Patient Requires Care of the Provider.”

His lecture “Building Primary Care Teams to Meet Healthcare’s Challenges,” addresses questions such as:

  • Why do health care systems work better with strong primary care?
  • What can we do about workforce projections showing a permanent shortage of primary care physicians?
  • How can teams allow primary care to see more patients without placing more stress on primary care physicians?
  • Discover how well built primary care teams are essential for high value and exceptional care in today’s challenging health care environment.