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The Tar Healer, affectionately known as Healy, is a 2006 Dodge Sprinter van 2500. Healy is powered by a 2.7L 5-cyl. turbo diesel, 5-speed standard/automatic transmission engine. With a tank capacity of 26.4 gallons and 22 miles to the gallon, Healy is a fairly fuel-efficient vehicle. Healy recently switched to biodiesel fuel, but can also use regular diesel.

Here are other specifications:


HC Van (customized)
118 in. WB
Exterior Length Body with Body height Wheelbase Ground clearance
16.4 ft 6 ft 7.9 ft 9.9 ft 7.4″
Interior Front head room Front shoulder room Front hip room Front leg room
3.9 ft 5.6 ft 5.4 ft 3.1 ft
Performance Base engine size Base engine type Horsepower Horsepower rpm Torque
2.7 liters I-5 154 hp 3,800 243 lb-ft
MPG Fuel tank capacity Gallons used in 2013 Miles traveled in 2013 Current Mileage
26.4 727 15,988 85,000 +