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  • All students are expected to finish their clinical requirements for practicum and internship on schedule within the semester of their original placement(s). It is the determination of the faculty supervisor in conjunction with the site supervisor’s evaluation as to whether or not the student has successfully met the clinical training requirements in either of these courses based on the observed performance and professional conduct of the student.
  • A student may need to do additional hours on site and in effect extend their clinical placement(s), due to the unsatisfactory completion of the clinical training requirements. This will be ascertained by the faculty supervisor and site supervisor, explicitly giving the student details of what the extension of training will involve, e.g. a remediation plan and exactly what is expected in terms of student performance and professional conduct so the student will know when the clinical course work can be completed. The student will officially be finished once the specified extension and performance/behavior requirements are accomplished during this period.
  • Under no circumstances will students be permitted to continue in clinical placements after their requirements have been met. Students must terminate all their clinical client relationships in an ethically appropriate manner as part of their completion of clinical training. Failure to complete all the requirements of practicum and receive a grade for the class at the end of the fall semester will result in an inability to continue on into internship and consequently delay finishing your program/graduating on time. Such is the case also for finishing internship, including fulfilling documentation requirements which will delay grading and finishing the program on schedule.