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All students must perform satisfactorily in their academic work and in clinical placements. During clinical training, in the unusual situation where a mid-term evaluation indicates unsatisfactory performance, the supervisor(s) will meet with the student to develop a remediation contract. Students needing remediation in their clinical training will be required to meet with the site supervisor and faculty supervisor to review the student’s performance difficulties and develop an action plan. Collaboratively, all parties will develop a written determination of corrective actions for remediation or resolution of issues or problems.

The written determination will serve as a contract and include:

  •  Specific performance issues needing to be addressed
  •  Concrete steps to address the issues
  •  Clear plan with actions to identify how these steps will be evaluated
  •  Clinical practice measures which will be used to determine if effective remediation of the student’s performance difficulties  has occurred

Following evaluation of the student’s progress in the action plan, an additional meeting with the site supervisor and faculty supervisor will occur to determine: if performance is acceptable; if the practicum needs to be extended; whether the practicum needs to be repeated; or if the practicum should be terminated. The student’s effort in the remediation plan will be factored into the final grade assigned in the clinical course.